Lesson Worksheet: Land Habitats Science

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different land-based habitats and understand their importance for living things.


What is a habitat?

  • AA nest or shelter built by an animal to protect its young
  • BThe surroundings where a person lives or works
  • CThe place or environment where a plant or animal naturally lives
  • DSomething you do that is bad for you, like biting your nails


In which habitat would you find squirrels, toadstools, raccoons, and owls?

  • AWoodland
  • BDesert
  • CPolar ice
  • DRain forest


There are no trees in Antarctica. Why is that?

  • AThe polar bears eat them all.
  • BThere is no sunshine there to help trees grow.
  • CTheir roots cannot grow in the snow.
  • DPenguins cannot climb trees.


Name a plant that lives in a hot desert habitat.

  • APine tree
  • BRice
  • CSeaweed
  • DCactus


The image shows the different habitats found on land.

Name the habitat where a penguin lives.

  • ASavanna
  • BMountain
  • CPolar ice
  • DTundra

In which habitat would you find a brown bear?

  • AConiferous forest
  • BTropical rain forest
  • CDeciduous forest
  • DTemperate grassland


Can you guess the name of the hidden animal that lives in the rain forest?

I am a very large snake. I sleep all day and hunt all night. I catch prey with my teeth, constrict (squeeze) them, and then eat them.

My skin is usually brown and black.

What am I?

  • ABoa constrictor
  • BJaguar
  • CEmerald tree frog
  • DGreen mamba


Thousands of species of plants live in the rain forests around the world.

Why is the rain forest a great place for plants to live?

  • ABecause the climate is cold and dry.
  • BBecause the climate is hot and dry.
  • CBecause the climate is hot and wet.
  • DBecause the climate is cold and wet.


Why do very few plants survive in hot desert habitats?

  • AIt rains too much.
  • BThe raccoons eat them all.
  • CThere is very little rainfall.
  • DIt is too cold.


Which of the animals listed would you expect to find living in a savanna?

  • ALion
  • BHammerhead shark
  • CPenguin
  • DFox


The picture shows a habitat that is close to the equator. It is hot and wet.

What habitat is this?

  • ARainforest
  • BHot desert
  • CConiferous forest
  • DMountain

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