Worksheet: Land Habitats

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying different land-based habitats and some of the creatures that inhabit them.


What is a habitat?

  • AThe surroundings where a person lives or works
  • BA nest or shelter built by an animal to protect its young
  • CThe place or environment where a plant or animal naturally lives
  • DSomething you do that is bad for you, like biting your nails


In which habitat would you find squirrels, toadstools, raccoons, and owls?

  • AWoodland
  • BRain forest
  • CDesert
  • DPolar ice


There are no trees in Antarctica. Why is that?

  • APenguins cannot climb trees.
  • BTheir roots cannot grow in the snow.
  • CThe polar bears eat them all.
  • DThere is no sunshine there to help trees grow.


What is the name of this plant that grows in the rain forest?

Hint: Its beans are used to make chocolate.

  • ACoffee plant
  • BPassion fruit
  • CCacao plant
  • DVanilla plant

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