Worksheet: Reading Picture Graphs

In this worksheet, we will practice reading picture graphs, where each picture represents a count of one, to find how many items are in a category and which category has the most or least item.


The picture graph shows how many toys are in William’s toy box.

How many blocks are there?

How many toys are there in total?


Benjamin made a picture graph to show how many children came to the after-school club.

The number of boys is the number of girls.

  • Amore than
  • Bless than
  • Cthe same as

How many boys are there?


Madison used stickers to make a picture graph to show how many flowers are in her garden.

How many of the flowers are sunflowers?

How many fewer sunflowers are there than roses?


Mason asked his class to choose what they usually ate for breakfast.

What do most students eat for breakfast?

  • AFruit
  • BToast
  • CEggs

How many students eat fruit?

How many more students eat toast than fruit?


The table shows the number of balls in a club.

Is the number of basketballs greater than the number of baseballs?

  • AYes
  • BNo

How many basketballs are there?


The picture graph shows the number of milk bottles Charlotte drank in 4 weeks.

How many bottles did Charlotte drink in total?


The table shows the number of points obtained by three students in a test.

What is the least number of points obtained in the test?


The picture graph shows the farm animals that Daniel has.

Which set of animals is the greatest in number?

  • ADucks
  • BChickens
  • CHorses


How many sea creatures are in the table?

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