Worksheet: The History of Planet Earth

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing that many historical changes to the Earth happen over a long period of time.


Approximately how old is Earth?

  • AFive million years
  • BFive thousand years
  • CFive billion years


The Appalachian Mountains shown in the image were formed 480 million years ago.

How were these mountains formed?

  • AThe mountains were formed when two plates collided.
  • BThe mountains were formed by ice.
  • CThe mountains were formed by the ocean.


200 million years ago, Earth’s outer layers formed into a supercontinent, as shown in the image.

What was this supercontinent called?

  • APangaea
  • BThe mantle
  • CAmerica
  • DAfrica
  • EEarth’s crust


Earth’s surface is made up of several tectonic plates. When these plates are pushed apart, this creates openings in Earth’s crust, and molten rock escapes to form volcanoes.

What is the name of the area shown on the map where most of Earth’s volcanoes are located?

  • AThe North American Plate
  • BRing of Fire
  • CPacific Plate


Scientists think that Earth was created when huge numbers of rocks around the Sun collided and stuck together.

What is the name of the force that pulled the rocks together?

  • AMagnetism
  • BGravity
  • CFriction


Millions of years ago, the continents were all connected. They were all part of the supercontinent called Pangaea. Pangaea very slowly broke apart into the continents we know today. What evidence do scientists have that Pangaea existed?

  • AScientists found tunnels under the sea joining up the new continents.
  • BSome people on different continents speak the same languages.
  • CThe edges of the new continents fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

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