Worksheet: Addition within 20 Word problems

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the missing number in addition story problems describing situations of adding to and putting together.


Nabil built a tower with 8 blocks. He then added 5 more blocks. How many blocks are in the tower now?


6 children were playing in a playground. They were joined by another group of children. After that, there were 10 children in the playground. How many children were in the group that joined?


Hannah built a tower with 14 blocks, but 6 blocks fell off. How many blocks are still in the tower?


Waiters were serving food to a table. After 6 plates had been served, there were 9 people who still needed food. How many people were at the table?


A group of girls were dancing. 4 boys joined in and then there were 8 people dancing in total. How many girls were there?


A bowl has 7 green apples, 6 yellow bananas, and 2 red apples. How many apples are in the bowl?

  • A8 apples
  • B7 apples
  • C5 apples
  • D9 apples


A group of fairies were flying around a flower. After 4 more fairies joined the group, there were 14 fairies in total.