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Lesson Worksheet: Growth and Change Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing physical changes that happen in humans over time and how they gain new knowledge that gives them new skills as they grow.


This girl is learning to talk.

Little girl and alphabet letters on background

What allows her to do this?

  • AGaining new knowledge
  • BGrowing taller
  • CGetting younger
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


How will this baby boy change in the future?

Adorable baby boy in white sunny bedroom
  • AHe will get smarter.
  • BHe will get stronger.
  • CHe will grow taller.
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Pick the physical change.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


What change is missing from 2018 on Olivia’s timeline?

  • ALearning to type on a computer
  • BLearning to sit up
  • CLearning multiplication
  • DLearning to speak


Students in a class want to find out how much each of them will grow over a year.

When should they measure their heights?

  • AAt the start of the year
  • BAt the end of the year
  • CBoth at the start and at the end of the year


Pick the correct order of steps to investigate growth.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


What word is being defined?

  • ALife cycle
  • BEgg
  • COrigin
  • DOffspring


Chloe measures her height at the start and at the end of the year.

What does she find out?

  • AShe has got shorter.
  • BShe has grown.
  • CShe has not grown.
  • DShe does not find out anything.


Look at Chloe’s and Elizabeth’s timelines.

Who learned to ride a bike first?

  • AElizabeth
  • BChloe
  • CThey both learned at the same age.


Look at Sophia’s and Isabella’s timelines.

What did they both start at the same time?

  • ASpeaking
  • BCrawling
  • CReading
  • DSchool

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