Lesson Worksheet: Areas and Circumferences of Circles Mathematics • 11th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the area and the circumference of a circle given its radius or diameter and relating both the area and circumference to solve various problems.


Work out the circumference of the circle, giving your answer accurate to two decimal places.


A circle has a circumference of 90 cm.

Work out the square of the circumference.

  • A8,100
  • B180
  • C16,200
  • D810
  • E90

Divide the square of the circumference by 4𝜋, giving your answer accurate to two decimal places.

  • A1,289.16
  • B14.32
  • C644.58
  • D64.46
  • E7.16

Work out the radius of the circle to three decimal places.

Work out the area of the circle. Round your answer to two decimal places.

  • A644.58 cm2
  • B481.68 cm2
  • C4,050.00 cm2
  • D340.65 cm2
  • E1,289.16 cm2


Using 3.14 as an approximation for 𝜋, find the area of the circle.


Using 3.14 in place of 𝜋, determine the radius of a circle whose area is 153.86.


The area of the given semicircle is 51.04 cm2. Find the perimeter of the semicircle to the nearest centimeter.


Work out the perimeter of the semicircle, giving your answer accurate to two decimal places.


Using 3.14 to approximate 𝜋 and the fact that 𝐴𝐵𝐶𝐷 is a square, calculate the perimeter of the shaded part.


The bull’s eye on the given archery target has a radius of 3 in. The entire target has a radius of 15 in. Determine the area of the target outside of the bull’s eye rounded to the nearest square inch.


A goat is tethered by a 10-meter long rope to the corner of a barn. What area of the field can the goat reach?

  • A3254𝜋 m2
  • B(100𝜋60) m2
  • C75𝜋 m2
  • D100𝜋 m2
  • E80𝜋 m2


A bicycle wheel has a radius of 35 cm. How far to the nearest meter does Emma cycle if the wheel revolves 250 times?

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