Lesson Worksheet: Ratios of Geometric Figures Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing and simplifying ratios and using that to solve problems in geometric context.


Find the ratio between the lengths 120cm and 3.2 m in its simplest form.

  • A803
  • B154
  • C380
  • D38
  • E83


Find, in the simplest form, the ratio between the circumference of a circle whose radius is 7 cm and the perimeter of a square whose side length is 4.5 cm, where 𝜋=227.

  • A922
  • B229
  • C114
  • D411


In a given rectangle, the length is four times the width. If the length is 40 cm, express the ratio between the rectangle’s perimeter and length in its simplest form.

  • A110
  • B101
  • C507
  • D52
  • E25


Using the figures, determine the ratio between the area of triangle 𝐴𝐵𝐶 and the area of square 𝑋𝑌𝑍𝐿. Give your answer in its simplest form.

  • A41
  • B45
  • C85
  • D81


In the figure below, what is the ratio between the green parts and red parts in its simplest form?

  • A23
  • B21
  • C12
  • D32


Determine the ratio between the quantities 242802.2dmcmm in the simplest form.

  • A121411
  • B1201114
  • C1201411
  • D121114


Express the following ratio in its simplest form: 18675LmL.

  • A541
  • B527
  • C154
  • D275
  • E5216


Express the ratio 4.72,35018.8kmmkm in its simplest form.

  • A128
  • B218
  • C821
  • D812


A square has side length 12 cm and a rectangle has sides of length 20 cm and 6 cm. What is the ratio between the perimeter of the rectangle and that of the square in its simplest form?

  • A1213
  • B56
  • C65
  • D52
  • E1312


If the side length of a square is equal to the side length of an equilateral triangle, what is the ratio of the perimeter of the square to the perimeter of the equaliteral triangle?

  • A13
  • B43
  • C41
  • D34

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