Lesson Worksheet: Rounding Fractions Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice rounding fractions to the nearest zero, half, or 1.


Bassem ran 338 miles along the river. Determine the number of miles he ran rounded to the nearest half mile.

  • A312 mi
  • B314 mi
  • C4 mi
  • D3 mi
  • E334 mi


Which of the following are three mixed numbers with different denominators that each round up to 812?

  • A816, 819, 817
  • B847, 819, 889
  • C845, 889, 878
  • D825, 816, 889
  • E813, 837, 849


Amira wants to frame her painting whose dimensions are 716 by 1034 inches. The frames come in two different sizes: 7 by 11 inches and 8 by 11 inches. Which frame should Amira use?

  • A8 in by 11 in
  • B7 in by 11 in


Sarah is buying a new desk for her new office. The width of her office door is 3578 inches. Should she round it up or down to guarantee that the desk fits through the door?

  • Aup
  • Bdown


Joury is buying a tablecloth for her dining table. Given that the table top measures 815 feet by 234 feet, determine, to the nearest half foot, the dimensions of the tablecloth she should buy.

  • A8 ft by 2 ft
  • B814 ft by 214 ft
  • C812 ft by 3 ft
  • D834 ft by 234 ft
  • E9 ft by 212 ft


Sarah wants to frame a photo. The frame she bought is 857 by 549 inches. Determine, to the nearest half inch, how large she should print the photo.

  • A834×534inin
  • B812×5inin
  • C8×512inin
  • D814×514inin
  • E9×6inin


Shady wants to prepare a juice drink for a party. According to the recipe, he needs 714 litres of orange juice for 12 litres of drink. Should he round 714 litres up or down when deciding on the amount of orange juice he needs to buy?

  • ADown
  • BUp


A study has a ceiling 1023 feet high. Determine, to the nearest half foot, the tallest possible bookcase that can fit in the study.

  • A1012 ft
  • B1034 ft
  • C11 ft
  • D1014 ft
  • E10 ft


A store sells gift boxes in different lengths. Layan measured the length of the gift she wants to give to her friend to be 8116 inches. Should she buy the 8-inch box or the 9-inch box?

  • AThe 9-inch box
  • BThe 8-inch box


Round 437 to the nearest half.

  • A1
  • B0
  • C12

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