Lesson Worksheet: Proportions Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice describing some properties of proportions and finding the terms, extremes, and means of any proportion.


If the values 4, 𝑥, 12, and 15 are proportional, then 𝑥=.

  • A6
  • B3
  • C5
  • D2


If 5, 7, 3𝑥, and 21 are proportional, then 𝑥=.

  • A5
  • B45
  • C15
  • D3


If 25=𝑥10, then 𝑥=.

  • A1
  • B4
  • C2
  • D7


If 49=𝑦45, then 10𝑦=.

  • A200
  • B2
  • C20
  • D2‎ ‎000


If 𝑎𝑏=𝑐𝑑, then 𝑎 and 𝑑 are called .

  • Adenominators
  • Bmeans
  • Cextremes
  • Dratios


If a tennis ball weighs the same as 15 pieces of candy, and an orange weighs the same as 2 tennis balls, determine how many pieces of candy would weigh the same as an orange.


An irrigation machine uses 1.5 liters of fuel every 3 hours. How many liters will the machine use in 5 hours?


If the quantities 𝑥, 𝑦, 𝑚, and 𝑛 are proportional, then 𝑚 is called the proportional.

  • Asecond
  • Bfirst
  • Cfourth
  • Dthird


A department store has 30 pairs of gloves on sale for $48. Determine how much 45 pairs of gloves cost.


A class has 33 boys and 44 girls. What proportion of these students are girls?

  • A37
  • B43
  • C74
  • D73
  • E47

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