Worksheet: Gas Pressure Measurements

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the mechanisms of common gas pressure gauges and identifying sources of error in pressure measurements.


A manometer is used to measure the pressure of a gas; the gas exerts a force on a column of liquid in the u-tube, causing it to fall at one end and rise at the other. Which of the following properties would make a liquid a bad choice for use in a manometer?

  • ALow vapor pressure
  • BHigh density
  • CLow reactivity
  • DHigh thermal expansion
  • ELow toxicity


How would the use of a volatile liquid affect the measurement of a gas using open-ended manometers versus closed-end manometers?

  • AIt will introduce a systematic error in both cases.
  • BIt would have no effect in either case.
  • CIt will not affect the open-ended manometer readings, but will increase the readings for the closed-ended manometer.
  • DIt will not affect the closed-ended manometer readings, but will increase the readings for the open-ended manometer.

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