Worksheet: Fossils

In this worksheet, we will practice on how to interpret information that fossils provide about living things that once inhabited the Earth.


What is the name of the process where animal remains (bones) turn into stone?

  • APreservation
  • BCalcification
  • CMummification
  • DPetrification


Where have most fossils been found?

  • AIn the desert
  • BIn forests
  • CAt the bottom of the ocean
  • DInside caves


Which of the following is notan example of a fossil?

  • ACoins
  • BFootprints
  • CBones
  • DTeeth


Choose the word to finish the sentence: After a volcanic eruption, organisms can be buried or preserved in .

  • Aamber
  • Bsediments
  • Cclay
  • Dlava


Approximately how long do fossils take to form?

  • AHundreds of years
  • BOne year
  • COne month
  • DMillions of years


The map shows where dinosaur fossils have been discovered.