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Worksheet: Fossils


What is the name of the process where animal remains (bones) turn into stone?

  • AMummification
  • BCalcification
  • CPreservation
  • DPetrification


Where have most fossils been found?

  • AIn forests
  • BAt the bottom of the ocean
  • CInside caves
  • DIn the desert


Which of the following is not an example of a fossil?

  • ATeeth
  • BBones
  • CFootprints
  • DCoins


Choose the word to finish the sentence: After a volcanic eruption, organisms can be buried or preserved in .

  • Aclay
  • Bsediments
  • Camber
  • Dlava


Approximately how long do fossils take to form?

  • AOne year
  • BHundreds of years
  • COne month
  • DMillions of years