Lesson Worksheet: Fossil Evidence Science • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice interpreting evidence provided by fossils that living things and the environment have changed over time.


Where have most fossils been found?

  • AIn the desert
  • BIn forests
  • CAt the bottom of the ocean
  • DInside caves


The map shows where dinosaur fossils have been discovered.

Which of the following statements is the most accurate?

  • ADinosaurs once lived in Australia.
  • BDinosaurs once lived in North America.
  • CDinosaurs once lived on every continent.
  • DDinosaurs once lived in Africa.


These dinosaur footprints were found in the bed of the Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley.

Millions of years ago, this was an ancient ocean.

Dinosaur Valley

What does this discovery tell us about where the dinosaurs lived?

  • ADinosaurs lived near the ocean.
  • BDinosaurs lived in the ocean.
  • CDinosaurs swam in the river.
  • DDinosaurs lived next to the river.


The photograph shows the bones of dinosaurs discovered in the Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada.

Bones of prehistoric animals of the Dinosaur

What do these fossils tell us about dinosaurs?

  • ADinosaurs once lived in Alberta, Canada.
  • BSomebody buried dinosaurs in Alberta, Canada.
  • CThere is a dinosaur museum in Alberta, Canada.


The image shows an example of a trace fossil. These types of fossils are formed from footprints or other traces left behind by animals.

This dinosaur footprint was found in Namibia, Africa. What does it tell us about the area in which it was found?

Dinosaur foot print
  • ADinosaurs once lived in this part of Earth.
  • BDinosaurs had three toes.
  • CDinosaurs live in this part of the Earth today.


Why do scientists study fossils?

Dinosaur fossil in sedimentary rock
  • ATo learn about the different types of soil
  • BTo learn about the history of life on Earth
  • CTo find things to put in museums
  • DTo find new cures for diseases


The photograph shows shellfish fossils found in the Las Vegas Valley.

What do these fossils tell us about what the environment was like in the Las Vegas Valley millions of years ago?

Fossil shellfish in limestone
  • AThe Las Vegas Valley has always been a desert.
  • BThe Las Vegas Valley was once covered in water.
  • CThe Las Vegas Valley was once a volcanic area.
  • DThe Las Vegas Valley was once a forest.


Fossils help scientists investigate what the environment was like in the past.

The layers of rocks and fossils shown tell us that the plants and animals that lived in this environment .

  • Ahave existed for a thousand years
  • Bare the same now as they were in the past
  • Care all extinct
  • Dhave changed over time


Which of the following shows fossil evidence of climate change over time?

  • AA fossil of a crocodile found on a riverbed
    Fossil of a crocodile
  • BDinosaur footprints found in a forest
    Footprint of dinosaur
  • CA fossil of an ichthyosaur found in the desert
    Ichthyosaur fossil


What is a fossil?

  • AA bone of an animal that has been found in the ground
  • BThe remains or traces of a plant or an animal that died a very long time ago
  • CA model of a plant or an animal that used to live on Earth

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