Worksheet: Subtracting Tens from Two-Digit Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice subtracting a multiple of ten from a two-digit number and modeling this with place value equipment.


Fill in the blank: 4310=.


Take away 20 from 68.


Read what Anthony is saying. Which subtraction problem is he solving?

  • A8030=?
  • B5550=?
  • C7420=?


63 is 6 tens and 3 ones.

Take away one ten to find 6310.

What is 6330?

Think: How many tens should you take away?


Use place value to subtract numbers.

Pick the correct way break apart 72 into tens and ones.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Subtract 30 from 72 by taking away 3 tens.


Use digits to write the answer: thirty-seven 20.


Use digits to write the answer: sixty-nine  fourty.


We can count back by ones and tens to find the difference. We can use base ten blocks to help us.

Use this strategy to find the difference using the blocks: 785.

Find the difference: 7850.


Consider the following diagram.

Which of the following matches the subtraction shown by the place value blocks?

  • A4630
  • B643
  • C6430
  • D463

Find the result of that subtraction.


Subtract 30 from 75.

Hint: Cross out place value blocks to help you.


Look at how Natalie used place value blocks to subtract.

This is the calculation she was solving. What number is missing?

What is the answer to her problem?


Find the missing number.

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