Worksheet: Resultant Vector Using the Parallelogram Method and the Triangle Method

In this worksheet, we will practice finding the resultant of two vectors or more geometrically using the parallelogram method and the triangle method.


The two vectors, and , are shown in the diagram.

The following parallelogram is drawn based on the two vectors and .

Using the properties of parallelograms, find .

Given that and , use the cosine rule to find the magnitude of . Give your answer to two decimal places.


The figure shows two vectors, and , where and . Use the parallelogram method to find the magnitude of the resultant of these two vectors. Give your answer to two decimal places.


Given that 𝐴 = 3 0 , 𝐵 = 2 8 , and 𝐴 𝐵 = 2 0 , determine 𝐴 + 𝐵 , rounded to two decimal places.

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