Lesson Worksheet: Comparing Fractions and Mixed Numbers Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing between mixed numbers and improper fractions using a number line.


Sally and Sarah are taking part in a 5 km race.

They are both wearing watches that tell them how far they have run.

Sally’s watch shows 219 km. Sarah’s watch shows 219 km.

Who is nearest to the finish line?

  • ASally
  • BSarah


It takes Nouf 634 minutes to walk to the bus stop. Should Nouf leave her house 612 minutes or 7 minutes before the bus arrives?

  • A7 min
  • B612 min


Bandar can hold his breath for 1929 seconds, and Joury can hold her breath for 1934 seconds. Which of them has a shorter breath?

  • ABandar
  • BJoury


Complete 1171511 using <, = or >.

  • A>
  • B=
  • C<


Complete 25621217 using <, = or >.

  • A=
  • B<
  • C>


Sameh is training for an upcoming race that is 8 miles long. His two options for practicing are tracks of 756 and 813 miles. Determine which track is more suitable for his training.

  • AThe 756 mile track
  • BThe 813 mile track


Find the fraction that is marked on the number line.

  • A57
  • B16
  • C17
  • D67
  • E56


What fractions do these arrows represent?

  • A45
  • B12
  • C14
  • D110
  • E15

  • A16
  • B45
  • C15
  • D56
  • E110

  • A710
  • B38
  • C310
  • D79
  • E78


What fraction is marked on the number line?

  • A810
  • B910
  • C1010
  • D1110


True or False: 112<54.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse

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