Worksheet: Dividing into Equal Groups

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing a number of objects into equal groups.


There are 32 blocks.

After making groups of 8, there will be groups.


16 cookies are divided into groups of .

There are groups.


There are 6 pencils.

Elizabeth wants to put 2 pencils in each pot. How many pots does she need?


How many groups of 3 apples are there?


The apples are grouped into 4’s. How many apples are not grouped?


Look at the picture, and then answer the questions.

15 books are divided into equal groups.

There are books in each group.


We want to put 15 birds into cages. Each cage will have 3 birds. How many cages will there be?


James has 36 balls. He wants to divide them into groups of 12. How many groups will he make?


There are 60 apples. How many groups of 10 apples are there?


William has 66 balls, and he wants to make boxes of 11 balls each. How many boxes can he make?


Madison has 45 crayons and she wants to make packs of 9. How many packs can she make?

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