Worksheet: Molar Concentrations

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the molar concentration of a solution from the solvent volume and mass or moles of dissolved solute.


Calculate the volume in L of a 0.125 M boric acid solution containing 0.500 mol of boric acid.


During a titration, 22.4 mL of 0.100 M N a O H was required to neutralize the acidic analyte.

Calculate the number of moles of sodium hydroxide in the titer.

  • A 4 . 4 6 × 1 0 mol
  • B 2.24 mol
  • C 4.46 mol
  • D 2 . 2 4 × 1 0 mol
  • E 0.224 mol

Calculate the number of grams of sodium hydroxide in the titer.


A 600 mL solution contains 10.1 g of magnesium chloride. What is the molar concentration of magnesium chloride in this solution?


1.0 liter of a sodium chloride solution contains 2.0 moles of sodium chloride. What is the concentration of sodium chloride?


A 0.80-liter solution contains 0.40 moles of acetic acid. What is the molar concentration of acetic acid in this solution?

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