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Lesson Worksheet: Skepticism Philosophy

In this worksheet, we will practice explaining skepticism as a philosophical thinking skill.


Fill in the blank: “If you would , it is necessary that at least once in your life, you doubt, as far as possible, all things.”

  • Abe satisfied with your beliefs
  • Bbe a real seeker after truth
  • Cbe annoying to your friends
  • Dbe able to win arguments
  • Eshow your opponents why they are wrong


Which of the following thinkers was the pioneer of methodological skepticism in modern Western thought?

  • APlato
  • BPythagoras
  • CAl-Farabi
  • DRené Descartes
  • EG. E. Moore


There is a difference between methodological skepticism and absolute skepticism. Which of the following defines methodological skepticism?

  • ASubmitting prior beliefs to doubt to determine what can be known with certainty
  • BCasting doubt on beliefs one at a time
  • CAcknowledging the impossibility of any knowledge at all
  • DDenying the existence of God
  • EDemanding that other people justify their beliefs


What should we do when we cannot find good enough reasons to support our beliefs?

  • AWe should pretend that it does not matter.
  • BWe should indiscriminately attack any opposing reasons.
  • CWe should give them up.
  • DWe should ignore reasons against them.
  • EWe should insist that they are true.


Why did Descartes claim that it is important to ensure that none of our beliefs are faulty?

  • ABecause being wrong is a bad habit to get into
  • BBecause it makes people take us less seriously
  • CBecause our beliefs depend on one another
  • DBecause Descartes found being wrong too embarrassing
  • EHe did not; Descartes believed that it is OK to have some faulty beliefs.


What was the title of al-Ghazali’s spiritual autobiography?

  • AThe Incoherence of the Incoherence
  • BFreedom from Worry
  • CDeliverance from Error
  • DPreponderance of Evidence
  • EThe Incoherence of the Philosophers


After demolishing all of his formerly held opinions, what was the first thing that Descartes could be absolutely certain of?

  • AThe existence of God
  • BThat one plus one equals two
  • CHis own hands held out in front of him
  • DHis own existence
  • EThe reality of the world


Which of the following thinkers was the pioneer of methodological skepticism in Islamic thought?

  • AAl-Ghazali
  • BIbn Sina
  • CIbn Arabi
  • DAl-Kindi
  • EIbn Rushd


Which of the following attributes is important for philosophical debates?

  • AEagerness to please
  • BThe inclination to avoid embarrassment
  • CA desire to win
  • DA desire to get to the truth
  • EStubbornness


What is skeptical suspension of judgment?

  • ADenying the importance of a question
  • BRefraining from holding beliefs
  • CRefusing to think about a question
  • DInsisting on a belief that cannot be justified
  • EHolding two opposing positions simultaneously

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