Worksheet: Writing Multiplication Equations

In this worksheet, we will practice writing multiplication sentences matching models.


Victoria has 7 trays of cookies, and each tray holds 9 cookies.

Which of the following calculations will help you find the total number of cookies?

  • A9×7
  • B97
  • C9÷7
  • D9+7

How many cookies are there?


Gummy bears come in packets of 10. Natalie has 3 packets of gummy bears.

Write a number sentence that shows how many gummy bears she has.

  • A3×10=30
  • B10×10=100
  • C3×5=15
  • D3+10=30
  • E10+10=20


Which equation describes the number of dots in this model?

  • A15÷3=5
  • B3×5=15
  • C5+3=15
  • D15÷5=3


Use the model to find the missing number.


Use the picture to find all the missing numbers.

There are groups.

There are cars in each group.

There are 4×2= cars in total.


Use the model to find all the missing numbers.

groups of 4 is 20.



Which calculation describes this model?

  • A4 groups of 2=8
  • B2 groups of 4=8
  • C2 groups of 6=8
  • D6 groups of 2=8


A box of crayons has 2 rows. There are 7 crayons in each row.

Noah has drawn this model to show the total number of crayons.

Which of the following equations would he need to solve to find the number of crayons in the box?

  • A2+2=
  • B2+7=
  • C2×7=
  • D7×7=

How many crayons are in the box?


Find the missing number.


Find the missing number.

6 groups of equals 42.


Select the equation that we can use to find the total number of apples.

  • A6×5=30
  • B6×4=24
  • C7×4=28
  • D7×5=35
  • E7×7=49


Knowing that 21=3×7, complete the following sentence:

When sweets were distributed equally among children, each child received 7 sweets.

  • A21,3
  • B3,7
  • C7,3
  • D3,21


Knowing that 15=5×3, complete the following sentence:

When notebooks were distributed equally among students, each student received 3 notebooks.

  • A15,3
  • B5,15
  • C3,5
  • D15,5

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