Worksheet: Noncontact Forces

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying noncontact forces and the effects they can have on an object.


Choose the word to finish the sentence: Forces that can act on an object without touching it are known as forces.

  • Aequal
  • Bnoncontact
  • Ccontact


A noncontact force acts on an object without touching it.

Which of the following is an example of a noncontact force in action?

  • AThe Moon orbiting Earth.
  • BA book laid on top of a desk.
  • CA boat floating on water.


The ends of a magnet are called poles. When like poles are placed opposite to each other, as shown in the diagram, the magnets repel. What is happening to the magnets?

  • AThe magnets are pulling toward each other.
  • BThe magnets are pushing against each other.
  • CThe magnets are not moving.


Magnets can move paper clips without touching them.

Name the force that pulls the paper clips toward the magnet.

  • AElectric
  • BMagnetic
  • CGravity


Which noncontact force is pulling the ball and the feather down to the floor?

  • AMagnetic
  • BGravity
  • CElectric


Which of following causes the boy’s hair to stick to the balloon?

  • AMagnetism
  • BStatic electricity
  • CGravity

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