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Lesson Worksheet: Recording Weather Science

In this worksheet, we will practice interpreting a weather map and describing how to measure temperature and wind speed.


Look at the picture.

What is the weather like in the picture?

  • AWindy
  • BCloudy
  • CSunny


Read the thermometer below.

What is the temperature in degrees Celsius?


It is warm and sunny outside. What type of clothing should Michael wear outside?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


How is temperature measured in this thermometer?

  • AIn kilograms
  • BIn degrees Celsius
  • CIn centimeters
  • DIn miles per hour


Which of the following is used to measure temperature?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


Mason is getting ready to go outside.

Fill in the blanks: The weather outside Mason’s house is , , and .

  • Awarm, cloudy, sunny
  • Bcold, cloudy, rainy
  • Csunny, warm, rainy


A class is talking about the weather.

Which student is correct?

  • AJennifer
  • BMatthew
  • CMadison
  • DNone of them


This is a picture of an anemometer, which is used to describe the weather.


What does the anemometer measure?

  • AWind speed
  • BAmount of rainfall
  • CTemperature
  • DNone of the answers are correct.


Michael wanted to build an anemometer to measure wind speed. He had these materials.

Which item is not needed?

  • APencil
  • BCups
  • CThermometer
  • DStraws


Look at the weather map below.

What is the weather like in Cairo?

  • ASunny
  • BWindy
  • CPartially cloudy
  • DRainy

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