Lesson Worksheet: All Mixed Up Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice defining and identifying improper fractions and mixed numbers and converting them.


Is the fraction 56 improper?

  • ANo
  • BYes


The numerator of an improper fraction is .

  • Aless than its denominator
  • Bless than or equal to its denominator
  • Cgreater than or equal to its denominator
  • Dgreater than its denominator


A mixed number has two parts. The first part is a whole number, what is the second part?

  • Aa proper fraction
  • Ban improper fraction


Is 12943 a proper fraction, an improper fraction, or a mixed number?

  • Aproper fraction
  • Bimproper fraction
  • Cmixed number


Shady uses the digit cards showing 3 and 8 to make a fraction.

Which of the following explains why Shady is wrong?

  • AIt does not matter where you put the 8 and the 3; both fractions mean the same thing.
  • BThe larger number is always the numerator.
  • C83 is a fraction with a value greater than one.


Find the missing digit in 8 to get an improper fraction.

  • A7
  • B3
  • C1
  • D13
  • E5


Choose the improper fraction.

  • A35
  • B213
  • C13
  • D123
  • E53


Every improper fraction is .

  • Aless than every proper fraction
  • Bgreater than every proper fraction


Choose the mixed number.

  • A432
  • B34
  • C23
  • D43
  • E234


Any improper fraction is than 1.

  • Agreater
  • Bsmaller

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