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Lesson Worksheet: Calculating Change: GBP Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice calculating the coins or notes to give as change when working only with either notes or coins.


Emma buys a jacket. She gives the cashier £50 and receives a change of £10. How much does the jacket cost?


Anthony wants to buy a watch that costs £18. If he pays with a 50-pound note, write the equation that calculates the change he gets.

  • A£££5018=32
  • B£££1850=32
  • C£££18+50=68


Jacob has £1 and he buys this toy.

How much change does he receive?


A shop has the following items.

James has £1 and he buys a \n\r . How much change does he get?

Natalie has £1 and she buys a \n\r . How much change does she get?


Mason has the amount of money shown. How much change will he receive if he buys a toy for 61p?


Anthony has 1 pound and wants to buy a balloon. How much change will he get?


Matthew has the following bank note.

He buys goods for 20 pounds. How much change will he get?


Isabella wants to buy an ice cream that costs 45p and she has the following coin.

How much change will she get if she buys the ice cream?


Consider the given image.

How much change will David receive if he pays the cashier with a 50-pound note?


Consider the given picture.

How much change should the cashier return to the customer?

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