Lesson Worksheet: Line Plots Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing and reading line plots.


How many families have at least 4 children?


What is the difference between the highest score and the lowest score?


The given line plot shows the quiz scores of students in a history class. How many students scored less than 14?


Identify any outliers in this line plot.


The dot plot shows the different scores achieved in a game. What was the highest score?


The dot plot shows the different scores achieved in a quiz. What was the lowest score?


The students in a middle school class recorded how many books they read over the summer. The results are shown on the dot plot. How many students read 9 books?


The graph shows the weights of all dogs in a shelter. Are there 35 dogs in the shelter?

  • ANo
  • BYes


The line plot shows different volumes of white paint used to decorate a hotel. Volume of paint is given to the nearest 14 of a gallon.

What was the total volume of paint used?

How much greater is the largest volume of paint compared to the smallest one?

  • A18 of a gallon
  • B12 a gallon
  • C13 of a gallon
  • D14 of a gallon
  • E15 of a gallon


The line plot shows the ages of ten people when they retired. How many of them retired in their sixties?

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