Lesson Worksheet: Estimating Quotients: One-Digit Divisors Mathematics • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice replacing factors with compatible numbers to estimate the quotient when the divisor is a one-digit number.


Estimate the quotient of the following operation: 620÷7.


Use compatible numbers to estimate the result of the following division.


Benjamin has 179 stamps. He wants to put them in his album. He puts 2 stamps on each page. Estimate the number of full pages he will have in his album to the nearest ten.


A school that has 234 students is arranging a competition. The students are split into teams. Each team has 6 students. Estimate how many teams there are to the nearest 10.


Which of the following divisions could be used to estimate the quotient of 1,497÷3 using compatible numbers?

  • A1,500÷3
  • B15,000÷3
  • C1,500÷2
  • D1,400÷3
  • E1,800÷3


Madison, Sophia, and Olivia went to a restaurant for dinner. The bill of their meals amounted to 207 pounds. Estimate how much each of them had to pay if they shared the cost of the bill equally between them.


Which of the following is the best estimate of the quotient 1,193÷2?

  • A500
  • B700
  • C60
  • D70
  • E600


Anthony tries to study for the same amount of time each day. If the number of hours Anthony studied in a week is equal to 23 hours, estimate the number of hours he studied in one day.


Michael is estimating the quotient of 358÷4.

Fill in the blanks: The quotient lies between and .

  • A50, 60
  • B80, 90
  • C90, 100
  • D60, 70
  • E70, 80

Fill in the blank: The quotient is closer to .

  • A60
  • B80
  • C70
  • D90
  • E100


Natalie wants to estimate the quotient of 35÷8. She thinks of two ways to do this. The first one is 32÷8=4 and the second one is 40÷8=5.

Natalie chose the second division as 32 is closer to 35 than 40 and estimated the quotient to be 4.

Follow Natalie’s method to estimate the quotient of 23÷5.

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