Worksheet: Speed and Velocity

In this worksheet, we will practice differentiating between velocity and speed and solving problems involving average velocity and average speed.


If a train is moving at 315 km/h and a car is moving at 750 m/min, which of them has a speed greater than 50 m/s?

  • Athe train
  • Bboth of them
  • Cthe car
  • Dnone of them


Daniel and James drove 94 miles to Westchester. If it took them 1.8 h to get there, determine, to the nearest integer, the speed at which they were driving.


The given table shows the relation between the distance covered by a runner and a certain time. Determine the slope of the straight line that represents the motion of the runner.

Time in Seconds 0 2 4 6 8 10
Distance in Metres 0 8 16 24 32 40


What distance would a car traveling at 171 km/h for 38 min cover?


How long would it take a car traveling at 5 m/s to cover a distance of 38.7 km?


Determine the distance a car moving at 153 km/h covers in 14 hours.


A man sprints 100 meters in 11 seconds. Which of the following is most likely to be his top speed?

  • A10 m/s
  • B10 mph
  • C10 m/min
  • D10 km/s
  • E10 km/h


A train 𝐴 of length 110 m moving at 180 km/h passed another train 𝐵 of length 190 m. Determine how long it took train 𝐴 to completely pass train 𝐵, given that train 𝐵 is at rest.


Express 333 km/min in meters per second.


Express 39 m/s in kilometers per hour.


What is 58 m/min in metres per second?

  • A 3 0 2 9 m/s
  • B 3,480 m/s
  • C 2 9 1 5 m/s
  • D 2 9 3 0 m/s


Express 119.7 km/h in meters per second.


Express 36 m/min in centimeters per second.

  • A60
  • B 3 5
  • C 1 0 8 5
  • D3,600


What distance would a car traveling at 183 km/h for 15 min cover?

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