Worksheet: Forces and Motion

In this worksheet, we will practice describing different forces and the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object.


Who discovered the law of universal gravity?

  • AMarie Curie
  • BSir Isaac Newton
  • CThomas Edison


Which of the the options finishes the sentence?

can be a push or a pull.

  • AA motion
  • BA force
  • CGravity


What word means to “force backward?”

  • ARepel
  • BGravity
  • CMotion


What is another name for a forward force?

  • APush
  • BPull
  • CFriction


Olivia is pushing Victoria on the swing.

How can Olivia make her friend on the swing go higher?

  • ABy pushing less
  • BBy pushing harder
  • CBy pushing faster


A brother and sister are fighting over a teddy bear.

Which phrase describes the forces acting on the bear?

  • AThe forces are unbalanced.
  • BThe forces are balanced.
  • CThe sister is pulling harder.


What word describes how the pull of gravity on an object is measured?

  • AForce
  • BWeight
  • CMotion


Newton’s first law states that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Which of the pictures shows an object in motion?

  • A(1)
  • B(3)
  • C(2)

Which picture shows an object with balanced forces acting on it?

  • A(2)
  • B(3)
  • C(1)


Isabella and Madison are testing whether the height of the ramp increases the velocity of their cars.

What does velocity mean?

  • AThe speed of an object in a given direction
  • BThe distance that an object travels


What is the name of the force that makes the soccer ball fall down toward the earth?

  • AFriction
  • BGravity
  • CMagnetism


The picture shows two children riding their scooters.

What force is needed to create motion (or movement) on a scooter?

  • APush
  • BGravity
  • CPull

How can the children increase the speed at which their scooters travel?

  • ABy keeping the amount of push the same
  • BBy increasing the amount of push on the scooter
  • CBy increasing the amount of pull on the scooter


What affects the distance that the ball travels?

  • AThe type of soccer cleats the player is wearing
  • BHow tall the soccer player is
  • CThe amount of force used to kick it


The picture shows two teams playing tug-of-war. How can we describe the forces on the rope?

  • AUnbalanced
  • BBalanced

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