Lesson Worksheet: The Geosphere Science • 5th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying and describing the geosphere, its layers, and its features.


What is the order of the layers of the geosphere?

  • AMantle, crust, outer core, inner core
  • BCrust, mantle, outer core, inner core
  • COuter core, inner core, crust, mantle


Sophia says, “The geosphere is composed only of the sediments, rocks, and soil that are found on Earth’s surface.”

Is Sophia correct?

  • AYes
  • BNo


What is the deepest layer of Earth?

  • AThe mantle
  • BThe crust
  • CThe outer core
  • DThe inner core


Fill in the blank: The biosphere is the Earth system composed of all organisms.

  • Aliving
  • Bnonliving


Fill in the blanks: The geosphere is an Earth system that includes things such as rocks, soil, and .

  • Anonliving, sediments
  • Bliving, animals
  • Cliving and nonliving, animals


Which part of the geosphere contains rocks?

  • AThe core
  • BThe crust
  • CThe mantle
  • DAll of the above


Which sphere does this diagram show?

  • ABiosphere
  • BGeosphere
  • CLithosphere


Look at the animals in the image below. Are they part of the biosphere or the geosphere?

  • ABiosphere
  • BGeosphere


The movement of Earth’s plates can cause the formation of mountains and volcanoes. Are these features part of the geosphere or the biosphere?

Ecuadorian Andean landscapes
  • ABiosphere
  • BGeosphere


The diagram shows the different layers that make up planet Earth. Which layer is also called Earth’s surface?

  • AMantle
  • BCore
  • CCrust

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