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Lesson Worksheet: Maps: Direction and Distance Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing cardinal directions using a compass rose on a map and calculating distances using a scale.


Where is a satellite picture taken from?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Pick the satellite picture.

  • A
    Asphalt road leading into the city at night.
  • B
    RIga rooftop view panorama at sunset.
  • C
    High resolution satellite image.


How far is it from point X to point Y?

  • A3 miles
  • B5 miles
  • C1 mile


Which cardinal direction is the Eiffel Tower from point X?

  • ASouth
  • BNorth
  • CEast
  • DWest


Which letter labels the compass rose?

  • AC
  • BA
  • CB


Which state is north of Kansas?

  • AKentucky
  • BTexas
  • CUtah
  • DSouth Dakota


What can we use to show the distance on the map compared to the real distance on the ground?

  • AA scale
  • BA compass rose
  • CA key


Which letter labels the scale?

  • AB
  • BA
  • CC


Using the map scale, work out how far it is from point X to point Y.

  • A50 km
  • B10 km
  • C30 km

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