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Lesson Worksheet: Addition and Subtraction Equations: Decimals up to Hundredth Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing and solving one- and two-step addition and subtraction equations including decimal numbers with up to two decimal places.


In the equation 𝑥+4.2=6.04, the value of 𝑥 is .

  • A10.24
  • B2.2
  • C1.84
  • D2.38


In the equation 𝑦3.61=10.04, the value of 𝑦 is .

  • A7.63
  • B14.01
  • C13.65
  • D6.43


If 4.08+𝑥=9, then the value of 𝑥 is .

  • A4.2
  • B4.92
  • C13.08
  • D5.08

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