Lesson Worksheet: Counting by Twos up to 120 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice skip counting forward or backward in twos from any starting number within 120.


Anthony and Chloe are skip counting by 2s.

Which 2 numbers should Chloe say next?

  • A27, 29
  • B27, 30
  • C26, 27


Complete the following pattern: ,,3,1.

  • A6,4
  • B7,6
  • C6,5
  • D7,5


David has 19 counters.

He counts back in 2s by taking away 2 each time.

What number should he write after 15?

What number goes in the last box?


Start at 81.

Skip count by 2s.

What number is the arrow pointing at?


Write the next two numbers in the pattern: 79,81,83,,.

  • A86,88
  • B84,86
  • C77,75
  • D85,87


Complete the following pattern: 29,31,,,37.

  • A33, 35
  • B34, 36
  • C33, 36
  • D32, 33


Complete the following pattern: 8,6,,.

  • A3,2
  • B5,4
  • C4,2
  • D4,3


Elizabeth is counting in 2s using number cards. If she starts with 100 and finishes with 106, what is the missing number card?


If there are 2 balloons in one group, how many balloons are there in 4 groups?


Follow the pattern to find the numbers missing from the table.

  • A21, 23
  • B21, 24
  • C20, 21
  • D20, 22
  • E22, 25

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