Worksheet: How Magnets Work

In this worksheet, we will practice on how to identify the poles of two magnets and predict whether they will attract or repel each other.


Which end(s) of a magnet will attract magnetic materials?

  • AOnly north
  • BNorth and south
  • COnly south


What happens if you place like poles (the same ends) of a bar magnet next to each other?

  • AThe magnets attract (pull toward) each other.
  • BThe magnets repel (push away from) each other.
  • CNothing happens.


Where is Earth’s magnetic force the strongest?

  • AThe North Pole
  • BThe South Pole
  • CThe force is equal at both poles.


Choose the correct words to complete the diagram.

Opposite poles . Like poles .

  • Arepel, repel
  • Battract, attract
  • Crepel, attract
  • Dattract, repel


What happens if you place opposite poles (ends) of a bar magnet next to each other?

  • ANothing happens.
  • BThe magnets attract (pull toward each other).
  • CThe magnets repel (push away from each other).


This is a bar magnet.

Magnetic field-72 ppi

Which end of the magnet is attracted to Earth’s magnetic north pole?

  • ANorth
  • BSouth
  • CBoth north and south


The center of Earth contains molten metals that are magnetic.

This creates Earth’s magnetic .

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

  • Aforce
  • Brays
  • Cfence
  • Dfield

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