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Lesson Worksheet: Inheritance: Comparing and Contrasting Traits Science

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing and contrasting inherited traits and understanding why siblings and offspring are not identical to their parents.


Look at the traits of these parents.

Sea turtles on green tropical reef

Pick their offspring.

  • A
    Baby Common House Gecko
  • B
    Nile crocodile babies after they hatched
  • C
    Baby leopard gecko came out from the egg
  • D
    A baby turtle, just hatched, moving towards the sea


Look at the traits of these puppies.

Group Dachshund dogs lying together

Pick the parents that these puppies belong to.

  • A
    Chocolate color dog Labrador Retriever
  • B
    English Bulldog
    French bulldog sitting
  • C
    Dachshund Dog
    Purebred dachshund dog
  • D
    Caramel color poodle
    Standard poodle


These two parent cats have seven kittens.

Fill in the blank: The kittens are not identical to either parent because they inherit traits from .

  • Aboth parents
  • Btheir dad only
  • Cneither parent
  • Dtheir mom only


Pick the trait that these birds do not have in common.

  • AFeathers
  • BBeaks
  • CColor
  • DWings


These two parent cats have seven kittens.

Fill in the blank: The siblings are not identical because they inherit traits from each parent.

  • Adifferent
  • Bthe same


Look at the traits of these sisters.

Sisters traits

What trait do they have in common?

  • AHairstyle
  • BHair color
  • CEye color
  • DAll of the answers are correct.


Look at the traits of this family.

A happy family on white bed in the bedroom.

Which parent did the children inherit their hair color from?

  • AThe mother
  • BThe father
  • CNeither parent


Pick the trait that these members of the cat family have in common.

  • AColor
  • BMarkings
  • CFur
  • DSize


Amira has written about her family.

My brother and I have the same parents, but we have inherited different traits, making us look different from each other; my hair is blonde and my brother’s hair is brown. We have also inherited some traits that are the same. We both have brown eyes!

As we get older, we will become more different. This is because of noninherited traits. I spend a lot more time outside than my brother, so my skin may become more tanned. My brother eats a lot more than me, so he may become taller. My brother loves running and I love gymnastics, so we might develop different muscles.

From the passage, identify what causes siblings to become more different as they get older.

  • ABoth inherited and noninherited traits
  • BNoninherited traits only
  • CInherited traits only
  • DNeither inherited nor noninherited traits


Lobna has written about her family.

From the passage, identify an example of a noninherited trait.

  • AEye color
  • BHair color
  • CTanned skin

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