Lesson Worksheet: Solutions to Energy Use Science • 4th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice reducing the amount of energy we use through conservation and identifying ways the design process can be used to make energy use more efficient.


Which conservation method is driving an electric car an example of?

  • ARecycling
  • BReducing
  • CReusing


Fill in the blank: Solutions to energy usage can be created through a process called .

  • Acriteria
  • Bthe scientific method
  • Cconstraints
  • Dthe design process


Madison and Noah were having a conversation about using the design process for solutions to energy use. Which student is correct?

  • AThey are both correct.
  • BNeither is correct.
  • CNoah is correct.
  • DMadison is correct.


Fill in the blank: Anthony decided he wanted to recycle his pop can instead of throwing it away. This is an example of .

  • Awater pollution
  • Busing fossil fuels
  • Cconservation
  • Dair pollution


Ethan and Natalie were discussing ways they could conserve energy resources. Which student is correct?

  • ANatalie
  • BEthan
  • CThey are both correct.
  • DNeither is correct.


A prototype is the first model of your design. Which step in the design process involves creating a prototype?


Which material is recyclable?

  • ACardboard
  • BMetal
  • CGlass
  • DAll of the above


Below is a picture of the engineering design loop that shows the steps to the design process. Which step involves selecting the criteria for the design?

  • ATest the model
  • BMake a model
  • CIdentify the problem
  • DDetermine constraints and criteria


Fill in the blank: The act of preserving natural resources is known as .

  • Aconservation
  • Bconstraint
  • Crecycling
  • Dpollution


Taking shorter showers is an example of conserving natural resources.

Which conservation method is taking shorter showers an example of?

  • AReducing
  • BReusing
  • CRecycling

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