Lesson Worksheet: Evaluating Expressions: Exponents Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice evaluating algebraic expressions with variable exponents or bases.


If 𝑎=3 and 𝑏=2, find the value of 𝑎+𝑏.


If 𝑎=7 and 𝑏=2, then what is the value of 𝑎×𝑏?

  • A114
  • B9
  • C114
  • D14
  • E14


If 𝑎=7 and 𝑏=14, find the value of 𝑎×𝑏𝑎𝑏.


Calculate the numerical value of 54×54 when 𝑥=7 and 𝑦=4.

  • A2516
  • B12564
  • C8125
  • D64125


If 𝑥=9 and 𝑦=1, what is 𝑥?

  • A19
  • B9
  • C19
  • D1
  • E9


Given that 2=8=512, determine the value of 𝑥𝑦.


Given that 73=73, find the value of 73.

  • A27343
  • B499
  • C73
  • D949
  • E34327


What is the value of 9×3×13 if 3=8?


The volume of a right circular cone is given by 𝑉=13𝜋𝑟, where 𝜋=227. If the volume of a right circular cone equals 462 cm3 and the radius 𝑟 of its base is 7 cm, find the height of the cone.


The volume of a sphere is given by 𝑉=43𝜋𝑟, where 𝜋=227. If the volume of a sphere equals 310,464 cm3, find the radius 𝑟 of the sphere.

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