Worksheet: Histograms

In this worksheet, we will practice using histograms to analyze data, communicate information, and get insights from data.


The histogram shows the age at which several people started their first job. Using this information, determine how many people started their first job between the ages of 15 and 25.


Use the histogram to find the number of students who are between 60 and 70 inches tall.


The histogram shows the highest wind speeds in 30 different cities. How many cities recorded wind speeds of 75 mph or more?


What type of data is appropriate for a histogram?

  • AQuantitative–discrete
  • BQualitative
  • CQuantitative–continuous


The histogram shows the number of movies watched by a class of students during a month. How many students watched less than 14 movies?


This histogram shows the time that students spend doing homework every night. How many students spend seventy-five minutes or less doing homework?


Use the histogram to find the percentage of cities that have an area between 200 and 600 square kilometers.


This histogram shows the time that students spend doing homework every night. How many students spend 15 minutes or more doing homework?


The histogram shows the times taken for a group of students to read a short article.

How many students took between 60 and 70 seconds to read the article?

  • A17 students
  • B15 students
  • C16 students
  • D19 students
  • E18 students

How many more students took between 80 and 90 seconds to read the article than those who took between 50 and 60 seconds?

  • A16 students
  • B19 students
  • C17 students
  • D15 students
  • E18 students

How many students took more than 80 seconds to read the article?

  • A29 students
  • B23 students
  • C32 students
  • D31 students
  • E30 students

How many students took less than 70 seconds to read the article?

  • A23 students
  • B19 students
  • C21 students
  • D22 students
  • E32 students

How many students were asked to read the article?

  • A75 students
  • B70 students
  • C73 students
  • D71 students
  • E72 students

What is the longest possible range of times taken by the students?

What is the shortest possible range of times taken by the students?


The histogram demonstrates the wind speeds in 30 cities. What is the most common interval for the wind speed?

  • A6070 mph
  • B8090 mph
  • C5060 mph
  • D7080 mph


The histogram shows the time it took for several runners to finish a 400-meter dash. Determine the percentage of runners who finished in less than 70 seconds.


What do the heights of the bars on a histogram represent?

  • AThe overall range of values
  • BThe frequency in each group
  • CData values


Michael recorded how long he takes to get dressed in the morning. The results are shown on the diagram. Which time interval has the highest frequency?

  • A15<𝑡20
  • B0<𝑡5
  • C10<𝑡15
  • D5<𝑡10
  • E10<𝑡20


What should be plotted on the vertical axis of a histogram?

  • Athe overall range of values
  • Bfrequency
  • Cdata values


Does this histogram show that the most common amount of sugar (𝑠) per serving of cereal satisfies 9𝑠<12?

  • AYes
  • BNo


The histogram shows the distribution of the hours that Mason spent studying during the last 14 weeks.

What is the total number of hours that Mason spent studying?


The histogram represents the ages of people on a recent airplane flight. In what age range would you find the median of the data?

  • Aages 10–19
  • Bages 40–49
  • Cages 20–29
  • Dages 30–39


A sports club is organizing a competition for under 15s. They collected the data on the heights of the 13-to-15-year-old competitors and displayed it in the shown histogram.

In this histogram, each interval has the same value (0.05 m). Hence, each bar has the same width. If we assign a length unit of 1 to the bar width and know that the height of the bar is the relative frequency, what is the sum of the areas of all the bars?

The club wants to make three competition categories according to the players’ heights: shorter than 1.60 m, between 1.60 m and 1.70 m, and taller than 1.70 m. Which of the following would be the correct way to represent the data in a histogram with these three categories?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


Use the histogram to find the number of students who are between 60 and 70 inches tall.


The table shows the distribution of heights of 200 students. By drawing a histogram, find graphically an estimate for the mode height.

Height (cm) 120–129 130–139 140–149 150–159 160–169 170–179 180– Total
Number of Students23243627323325200
  • A36 cm
  • B146 cm
  • C133 cm
  • D156 cm


These histograms compare the heights of tall buildings in two cities. For each city, state the minimum height of the buildings surveyed.

  • ACity A: 600, City B: 600
  • BCity A: 400, City B: 600
  • CCity A: 400, City B: 400
  • DCity A: 600, City B: 499
  • ECity A: 699, City B: 499


The given histogram shows the attendance at some parks in 1 year. What is the most common range of attendance?

  • A12 million people
  • B04 million people
  • C34 million people
  • D23 million people
  • E01 million people

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