Lesson Worksheet: Unit Fractions: Halves, Thirds, and Quarters Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice writing unit fractions representing halves, thirds, and quarters of shapes and using models to relate the fraction to the number of shaded parts and the number of parts in the whole.


Consider the shape shown.

One out of equal parts is shaded.

  • A4
  • B5
  • C2
  • D3

Pick the fraction that shows how much of the shape has been shaded.

  • A13
  • B12
  • C14
  • D31


What fraction is shaded?

  • A14
  • B12
  • C15
  • D13


Charlotte was asked to shade 14 of this rectangle.

She shaded one piece out of four, but her answer was wrong. Explain her mistake.

  • AShe should have shaded 4 parts.
  • BThe parts must have the same area.
  • CShe should have shaded 2 parts.
  • DShe should have shaded a smaller part.


Jacob and Elizabeth have both shaded 12 of the area of the same rectangle.

Find another way to shade 12 of the area.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


An orange is divided into quarters. How many pieces of orange are there?


Charlotte writes that she took 14 of the pie. Pick the description that explains what these numbers mean.

  • AShe took 4 pieces of the pie.
  • BShe took 3 pieces of the pie.
  • CShe took 1 out of 4 equal parts.
  • DShe took 2 pieces of the pie.


This rectangle is partitioned into equal parts.

1 out of equal parts is shaded.

Complete the fraction: ?4 of the area is shaded.


John cuts a loaf into thirds. How many thirds are there?


What fraction is shaded?

  • A13
  • B12
  • C14


What fraction is shaded?

  • A15
  • B14
  • C13
  • D12

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