Lesson Worksheet: Numbers to 100 Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice using groups of ones and tens to represent numbers up to 100.


Write eighty-seven in digits.


Write the given number in words.

  • ASeventy-six
  • BSixty-seven
  • CFifty-seven
  • DSixty-eight


Which place value table also shows 74?

Hint: Regroup tens into ones.

  • A
  • B
  • C


Write the given number in digits.


Fawaz and Abeer tried to read the number given.

Abeer said it is 74, and Fawaz said it is 47. Who said the right answer?

  • AFawaz
  • BAbeer


What is the number?


What is the number?


Mohammed says he has made the number 63 using tens and ones. He is incorrect. What does he need to change?

  • AHe must add 3 tens and add 3 ones.
  • BHe must add 3 tens and take away 3 ones.
  • CHe must add another 3 tens.


Write the number 85 in words.

  • Aeighty-eight
  • Bfifty-five
  • Csixty-five
  • Deighty-five
  • Efifty-eight


Write seventy-two in digits.

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