Worksheet: The Multiplication Symbol

In this worksheet, we will practice using the multiplication symbol to write multiplication expressions and link them to models and addition expressions.


There are 5 bananas in one bunch.

8×5 is the total number of bananas in bunches.


William is baking pies. He wants to make 6×8 pies.

Pick one way he could do this.

  • A6 trays with 8 pies on each tray
  • BA tray of 6 pies and another of 8 pies


Which of these can we read as “2 groups of 8 objects”?

  • A82
  • B2+8
  • C2×8
  • D2÷8


One bag of apples contains 7 apples. Use the multiplication sign (×) to write an expression for the number of apples in 3 bags.

  • A8×3
  • B7×3
  • C8×4
  • D7×4


William bought 6 pencils that cost 8pounds each. The total cost is =×pounds.

  • A6×8
  • B7×8
  • C7×9
  • D6×9


Which of the following is the multiplication sign?

  • A+
  • B
  • C×


Which picture shows 4 groups of 3?

  • A
  • B

Which expression means 4 groups of 3?

  • A4×3
  • B4+3
  • C4+3+3+3
  • D4+4+4


Elizabeth bought 4 boxes of cookies. Each box contains the same number of cookies.

She tells you that she bought 4×8 cookies.

How many cookies are in each box?


Jacob has 5 cars and each car has 4 wheels.

So, there are 5×4 wheels in total.

How many wheels are there?

Pick a different story where the total number of objects is also 5×4.

  • AThere are 5 flowers and each flower has 4 petals.
  • BThere are 5 flowers and each flower has 5 petals.
  • CThere are 4 flowers and each flower has 4 petals.


Pick the picture where the total number of dots is 8×3.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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