Worksheet: Converting between Metric and Customary Units of Area

In this worksheet, we will practice how to compare and convert between area units of the metric system and those of the customary system and use this skill to solve real-world problems.


Calculate the area of the triangle shown to the nearest hundredth of a square centimeter.


Fill in the blank: 3=ftcm.

Use the conversion: 1=30.48ftcm.

  • A309.6768
  • B0.27870912
  • C2,787.0912
  • D2.7870912


Soccer is usually played on a 110 yd by 65 yd field. Calculate the area of the field in square meters. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

  • A8,551.3 m2
  • B7,819.3 m2
  • C5,978.3 m2
  • D6,538.0 m2

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