Worksheet: Soil

In this worksheet, we will practice recognizing that soil is made from rocks and organic matter.


Pick the sentence that tells us what soil is made from.

  • AOnly minerals
  • BOnly rocks
  • CRocks, decayed plants, minerals, and decayed animals
  • DOnly decayed plants and animals


What is humus?

  • ADead plants
  • BA dip made from chickpeas
  • CDecomposed organic matter
  • DA human leg bone


Why is humus an important part of soil?

  • AIt helps preserve fossils.
  • BIt adds nutrients to the soil, which help plants to grow.
  • CIt helps prevent soil erosion.


Desert soil is sandy and does not contain much humus. Sand does not hold water very well and this affects the types of plants that can grow there.

Which of the plants listed is especially adapted to grow in sandy soil?

  • AApple tree
  • BCactus
  • CMango
  • DRice

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