Lesson Worksheet: Respiration: Gas Exchange Science

In this worksheet, we will practice describing the exchange of gases that occurs in the lungs, identifying the composition of inhaled and exhaled air, and exploring ways to maintain a healthy respiratory system.


Fill in the blank: The exchange of respiratory gases happens between the and the capillaries.

  • Anasal cavity
  • Btrachea
  • Cbronchi
  • Dalveoli


What is the function of the alveoli?

  • AThey are where food is digested.
  • BThey are where gas exchange takes place.
  • CThey are where nutrients are absorbed.
  • DThey are where oxygen enters the body.


What habit can cause lung cancer?

  • AWalking in nature
  • BDrinking water
  • CEating healthy
  • DSmoking


Which activity is healthy for the respiratory system?

  • ASmoking
  • BEating unhealthy foods
  • CSitting on the couch all day
  • DExercising


Which statement about inhaled air is true?

  • AInhaled air has more carbon dioxide than exhaled air.
  • BInhaled air has more oxygen gas than exhaled air.
  • CInhaled air has less oxygen gas than exhaled air.
  • DInhaled air has the same amount of oxygen gas as exhaled air.


Fill in the blank: The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide into and out of the bloodstream is called .

  • Abreathing
  • Bdigestion
  • Cexcretion
  • Dgas exchange


What name is given to the small air sacs in the lungs where capillaries exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen?

  • ABronchi
  • BNostrils
  • CAlveoli


When you breathe in air, oxygen travels to your lungs. When you breathe out, what is released from your lungs?

  • AOxygen
  • BCarbon monoxide
  • CCarbon dioxide


Below is a picture of the bronchi in the lungs.

Fill in the blanks: The role of the bronchi is to carry air from the to the .

  • Atrachea, left and right lungs
  • Bpharynx, lungs
  • Calveoli, trachea
  • Dmouth, trachea


Students in a class were sorting activities into two groups.

Group A: Healthy for the Respiratory System

  • Living in a well-ventilated area
  • Exercising

Group B: Unhealthy for the Respiratory System

  • Living with someone that smokes
  • Living in an area with cold temperatures

Which activity does not belong in group B?

  • ASmoking
  • BWorking in a poorly ventilated area
  • CNot exercising
  • DEating foods that have lots of vitamin C

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