Worksheet: Dividing Decimals by Two-Digit Numbers

In this worksheet, we will practice using models and long division to divide a decimal by a two-digit whole number.


If Daniel covers 2.5 feet in one step, how many steps would he take to travel 965 feet?


The partners in a business shared 35,985 LE of profit equally between them. If each partner received 3,598.50 LE, then how many partners are there in the business?


Divide 231 by 0.7, and add 415 to the quotient obtained. What is the result?


A light-year, the distance that light travels in one year, is 5.88 trillion miles. How many trillion miles does light travel in one month?


Olivia and Jackson have harvested 82.5 kg of olives from their field. It is three-quarters of what they need to produce fifteen liters of olive oil. How many more kilograms of olives do they need?

How many kilograms of olives do they need to produce one liter of olive oil?

  • A418 kg
  • B512 kg
  • C1114 kg
  • D713 kg
  • E20 kg


Calculate 46.32÷59, rounding your answer to the nearest tenth.


Fill in the blank: 298.2÷21=.


Find 84.66÷20.


A 12.5-ounce bottle of olive oil contains 25 servings. What is the size of a single serving?


A bag of 12 lollipops costs $5.20. Determine, to the nearest cent, the cost of each lollipop.

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