Lesson Worksheet: Comparing and Ordering Integers Mathematics • 6th Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice comparing and ordering positive and negative integers represented either in a mathematical model or in a real-life situation.


Which of the following represents the scores of a board game ordered from least to greatest?

  • A3,1,+3,+6,+9
  • B+9,+3,+6,1,3
  • C+9,+6,+3,3,1
  • D+9,+6,+3,1,3
  • E3,1,+6,+3,+9


Which of the following is true?

  • A42÷7>5
  • B42÷7<5
  • C42÷7=5


The table shows the average temperature of two cities in winter. Compare the two temperatures using > or <.

Temperature (°F)52
  • A5<2
  • B5>2


Arrange the following in ascending order: 7,9,18,14,11,10.

  • A18,14,9,11,10,7
  • B11,10,7,9,14,18
  • C7,10,11,9,14,18
  • D18,14,9,7,10,11


Order these numbers from least to greatest: 9,4,0,12,23,2.

  • A0,12,4,2,9,23
  • B0,9,23,2,4,12
  • C23,9,0,2,4,12
  • D2,4,12,0,9,23
  • E12,4,2,0,9,23


Arrange the elements in the set {0,1,1,4} in descending order.

  • A{1,0,1,4}
  • B{4,1,0,1}
  • C{1,0,1,4}
  • D{1,0,4,1}
  • E{4,0,1,1}


On this number line, is the label at the top or bottom correct?

  • Athe label at the top
  • Bthe label at the bottom

Which is greater 7 or 9?


Order the following set of integers from greatest to least: 193, 58, 114, 156, 38.

  • A38,58,156,114,193
  • B193,156,114,58,38
  • C193,156,114,38,58
  • D193,114,156,58,38
  • E38,58,114,156,193


Scarlett and Amelia each have a monthly package of 500 text messages on their cell phones. The table shows how many texts they sent in the previous months. Positive values indicate the number of texts they sent over the 500 text messages, and negative values indicate the number of texts under the 500 text messages. Who goes over the monthly package more often?

MonthScarlett’s Text MessagesAmelia’s Text Messages
  • AScarlett
  • BAmelia


Arrange the elements in the set {7,9,9,3} in ascending order.

  • A{9,7,3,9}
  • B{3,7,9,9}
  • C{3,7,9,9}
  • D{9,7,3,9}
  • E{9,3,7,9}


Last week, William deposited $385 in his bank account, spent $95 on lunch, and loaned $70 to a friend. Express each transaction as an integer, and then order them from least to greatest.

  • A385,70,95
  • B95,70,385
  • C70,95,385
  • D385,95,70
  • E95,70,385


Which of the following is true?

  • A37=0
  • B37>0
  • C37<0


Arrange the following in descending order: 9,4,14,11,15,12.

  • A9,12,15,4,11,14
  • B14,11,4,9,12,15
  • C14,11,4,15,12,9
  • D15,12,9,4,11,14


Which of the following is true?

  • A(3)+4>57
  • B(3)+4=57
  • C(3)+4<57


Which of the following is true?

  • A|61|>35
  • B|61|<35
  • C|61|=35


True or False: 13<18.

  • ATrue
  • BFalse


For three days, the water level in the morning was measured. Then, the changes in the water level, in feet, were recorded for the next low tide and the following high tide. Use the table to determine the day on which the water level was lowest after the high tide.

DayMorning water level (feet)Change at Low TideChange at High Tide
  • ATuesday
  • BWednesday
  • CMonday


Three university students checked the balances in their bank accounts. Victoria has a debt of $234 and Olivia has a debt of $192. Hannah, on the other hand, has a balance of $293. Which of them owes the most money?

  • AVictoria
  • BOlivia
  • CHannah


Four friends played a game, where, at each turn, they either collect or lose points. Olivia finished with 23, Benjamin with 12, Amelia with +15, and Matthew with 17. Who ranked last at this game?

  • AOlivia
  • BMatthew
  • CBenjamin
  • DAmelia


The table shows the players in a card game and their corresponding scores. Order the scores descendingly.

  • A+18, +16, +6, 2, +2, 8, 11, 19
  • B19, 11, 8, 2, +2, +6, +18, +16
  • C+18, +16, +6, +2, 2, 8, 11, 19
  • D19, 11, 8, 2, +2, +6, +16, +18
  • E19, 11, 8, +2, 2, +6, +16, +18


Three friends are comparing the distances they traveled in a month; Benjamin traveled a distance of 4,405 km, Noah traveled a distance of 3,212 km, and Michael traveled a distance of 1,300 km. Who traveled the longest distance?

  • ABenjamin
  • BMichael
  • CNoah


The table shows the records of four football teams in one year. The achievements of a team can be determined by the number of the matches won compared to the total number of matches played. List these teams according to their achievements from best to worst.

TeamBarcelonaA.C. MilanManchester UnitedBayern Munich
Number of Matches Won33451644
Number of Matches Played56723248
  • AA.C. Milan, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Manchester United
  • BBayern Munich, Barcelona, A.C. Milan, Manchester United
  • CBayern Munich, A.C. Milan, Barcelona, Manchester United
  • DA.C. Milan, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich


A group of five friends played a card game. Their scores were as follows: Person A, +29; Person B, 19; Person C, 21; Person D, +6; Person E, 2. Arrange the players from the worst performing player to the best.

  • APerson A, Person E, Person D, Person B, Person C
  • BPerson A, Person D, Person E, Person B, Person C
  • CPerson E, Person B, Person C, Person D, Person A
  • DPerson C, Person B, Person E, Person D, Person A
  • EPerson B, Person C, Person E, Person D, Person A


Benjamin and Michael are playing a board game. Benjamin’s token moved 3 squares back, while Michael’s token moved 2 squares forward. By representing the movements of the tokens as integers, which has the greater absolute value?

  • Amoving forward 2
  • Bmoving back 3


Chloe, Liam, and Ethan were all waiting for their turns at the bank. Chloe’s turn comes at 25 minutes after noon, Liam’s turn 3 minutes before noon, and Ethan’s turn 16 minutes before noon. Arrange the three according to who will be attended to first.

  • AChloe, Ethan, Liam
  • BLiam, Ethan, Chloe
  • CEthan, Liam, Chloe
  • DChloe, Liam, Ethan
  • EEthan, Chloe, Liam

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