Lesson Worksheet: Unit 10: Places of cultural interest (Vocabulary G12 NE) English

Places of cultural interest (Vocabulary G12 NE)


The of the city’s ancient walls can be seen in the park.

  • Aremaining
  • Bremains
  • Cremain
  • Dremained


Alexandria is a historic in the north of Egypt. It is known around the world for the ancient Library of Alexandria, which must have been amazing to see.

  • Aport
  • Bmyth
  • Ctemple
  • Dcolumn


A temple is a place .

  • Athat was built centuries ago
  • Bfor religious worship
  • Cwhere you can read books
  • Dnear the sea


The Colosseum in Rome has three types of .

  • Acolumns
  • Bmyths
  • Clandmarks
  • Dports


Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben are some of London’s most famous .

  • Atemples
  • Blandmarks
  • Crestaurants
  • Dports


My friend from Cairo gave me a list of attractions to visit during my holiday in Egypt.

  • Amay-see
  • Bwill-see
  • Cmight-see
  • Dmust-see


Switzerland is full of lakes and towns.

  • Apictured
  • Bpicturesque
  • Cpictureless
  • Dpicturing


Recently, the country has been promoting its heritage .

  • Asites
  • Bplaces
  • Cstructures
  • Dlocations


Angkor Wat is a in north-west Cambodia. Historians believe it may have taken more than 35 years to construct.

  • Amyth
  • Btemple
  • Ccolumns
  • Ddesert


A port is a place .

  • Awhere artefacts are stored
  • Bwith a harbour where ships are loaded and unloaded
  • Cthat is dedicated to a god or goddess
  • Dthat is located in the middle of the desert

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