Worksheet: Sorting and Counting Objects

In this worksheet, we will practice sorting real-world objects into groups based on size, color, shape, or other features and counting the number in each group.


We can sort different objects into groups.

For example, these objects have been sorted into two categories (groups). All the objects with straight sides are put together. All the objects with curved sides are put together.

We can say there are 3 objects with straight sides and there are 4 objects with curved sides.

Now, let us sort these animals by number of legs.

How many groups can we make?

How many animals are there with 4 legs?


Look at the pictures shown.

How many animals are there?

How many fruits are there?

How many groups are there?


Scarlett is grouping these objects by shape. How many groups will she make?

How many objects match this shape ?


There are 2 red circles. True or false?

  • Atrue
  • Bfalse


How many green circles are there? Give the answer in digits.

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