Worksheet: Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers: Place Value Models

In this worksheet, we will practice drawing quick place value pictures to multiply a decimal by a whole number.


If a subway ticket costs $0.18, how much do 7 tickets cost?


A person wants to lose weight. If they lose 0.68 kilograms per week, how much weight will they lose in 8 weeks?


Benjamin buys 4 bags of peaches, each containing 0.65 kilograms. How many kilograms does Benjamin have?


Liam’s favorite TV program runs for 0.75 hours, and he watches it 3 days a week. How many hours does he spend watching the program in one week?


Find the product.


If Sophia saves $0.75 a day, how much will she save in 5 days?


Pick the equation that matches the model of multiplying a decimal by a whole number.

  • A3×0.25=0.75
  • B2×0.75=1.5
  • C3×0.75=2.25
  • D2×0.25=0.5
  • E4×0.25=1


We can multiply decimals with models.

Pick the multiplication expression which matches the model.

  • A0.35×2
  • B0.35×3
  • C0.25×3
  • D0.35×4
  • E0.45×3

Find the product.


Use the model to find the missing number.



How many groups of 0.15 make 0.6?

  • A4
  • B6
  • C5
  • D3
  • E2

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