Worksheet: The Combined Gas Equation

In this worksheet, we will practice using the combined gas equation to relate the pressure, volume, and temperature of two systems and calculate unknowns.


A spray can is used until it is empty except for the propellant gas, which has a pressure of 1,344 torr at 23.0C. If the can is thrown into a fire (𝑇=475)C, what will the pressure be in the hot can?

  • A9.01×10 torr
  • B2.78×10 torr
  • C7.76×10 torr
  • D1.00×10 torr
  • E3.40×10 torr


A 2.50 L volume of hydrogen measured at 196C is warmed to 100C. Calculate the volume of the gas at the higher temperature, assuming there is no change in pressure.


A cylinder of medical oxygen has a volume of 35.4 L and contains O2 at a pressure of 151 atm and a temperature of 25C. Calculate, to 3 significant figures, the volume of this quantity of O2 at normal body conditions, 1.00 atm and 37C.


A sample of carbon dioxide, CO2, occupies 0.300 L at 10C and 1 bar. What volume will the gas have at 30C and 1 bar, assuming CO2 behaves as an ideal gas?


A balloon with a volume of 100.21 L at 21.0C and 0.981 atm is released and rises to a higher altitude. If the final volume of the balloon is 144.53 L at a temperature of 5.24C, what is the pressure inside the balloon at its final altitude?


Nitrogen and hydrogen can react together to form ammonia according to the following equation. N()+3H()2NH()223ggg

Ammonia is an important fertilizer and industrial chemical. Suppose that a volume of 683 billion cubic feet of gaseous ammonia, measured at 25C and 1 atm, was manufactured. What volume of H()2g, measured under the same conditions, was required to prepare this amount of ammonia by reaction with N2?

  • A1.02×10billion ft3
  • B455billion ft3
  • C1.32×10billion ft3
  • D830billion ft3
  • E2.04×10billion ft3


For a fixed quantity of an ideal gas at constant temperature, which graph depicts the expected relationship between pressure (𝑃) and volume (𝑉)?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D


For a fixed quantity of an ideal gas at constant volume, which graph depicts the expected relationship between pressure (𝑃) and temperature (𝑇)?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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