Lesson Worksheet: Forces and Motion Science • 3rd Grade

In this worksheet, we will practice identifying forces and describing the effects that they can have on motion.


The picture shows two children riding their scooters.

What force is needed to create motion (or movement) on a scooter?

  • APush
  • BGravity
  • CPull

How can the children increase the speed at which their scooters travel?

  • ABy keeping the amount of push the same
  • BBy increasing the amount of push on the scooter
  • CBy increasing the amount of pull on the scooter


What affects the distance that the ball travels?

  • AThe type of soccer cleats the player is wearing
  • BHow tall the soccer player is
  • CThe amount of force used to kick it


Fill in the blank: A force is a push or a .

  • Apull
  • Bjump
  • Cmagnet


Noah is playing with a rubber balloon. Which of the following is not a way to get the balloon moving?

A boy is playing with a rubber balloon
  • AKicking the balloon with his foot
  • BAttracting the balloon with a magnet
  • CThrowing the balloon with his hand


Magnetism is a noncontact force that can lead to motion.

What motion will these magnets experience as they are brought close together?

  • AThey will push away from each other.
  • BThey will pull toward each other.

Fill in the blank: The hands could stop this motion by using a force to balance the magnetic force.

  • Apull
  • Bpush


When a footballer kicks a football, the football moves away from them. What kind of force is this?

American football player
  • AA pull force
  • BA push force


Look at the image. When Mia throws the ball, it travels in the air toward Benjamin.

Complete the following sentence to explain what is happening here: Mia provides a force to the ball and this causes the ball to .

  • Apush, stop
  • Bpush, move
  • Cpull, stop
  • Dpull, move


Liam is about to slide a box across a surface.

Woman hand hold a craft gift box isolated on white

Fill in the blank: The force that Liam uses will cause .

  • Ano change
  • Bmotion


When a cyclist pushes harder on one of the handlebars, what type of action does this cause?

  • AIt will cause the cyclist to move backward.
  • BIt will cause the cyclist to turn.
  • CIt will cause the cyclist to stop.


Benjamin used a push force to send his toy car travelling across the floor.

Boy playing with a plastic car

Which of these forces will cause the car to slow down and then stop moving?

  • AAn upward push force from the floor
  • BAn upward push force from the car
  • CFriction between the car and the floor surface

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