Worksheet: Dividing Whole Numbers by Proper Fractions

In this worksheet, we will practice dividing whole numbers by proper fractions and explaining the method using a model.


Jacob practices his trumpet for 20 minutes per day. His trumpet teacher said it is only two-thirds of the daily practice required at his level. How long should he practice every day?


Oscar has written 12 pages for his assignment. It is three-quarters of what is required. The diagram below can be used to find how many pages Oscar is required to write for his assignment.

Using the diagram, find what operation performed on 12 gives the number of pages required.

  • A124×3
  • B123×4
  • C123×3
  • D123÷4
  • E124×4

The 12 pages are 34 of the number of pages required, which can be written as 12=34× number of pages. What division gives this number of pages?

  • A12÷4
  • B12÷34
  • C12÷43
  • D12÷34
  • E12÷3

Combine the previous answers to show the equivalent operation to 12÷34.

  • A12÷34=12×34
  • B12÷43=12×43
  • C12÷34=12×14
  • D12÷34=12×43
  • E12÷43=12×34


Madison has taken four-fifths of her cows, or 16 cows, to the next field. How many cows does she have in total?


How many people can share 18 pizzas if each person gets 67 of a pizza?


A bottle can hold 310 liters of oil. How many bottles are needed to store 12 liters of oil?

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