Lesson Worksheet: Finding How Many More or Less Mathematics

In this worksheet, we will practice finding how many more or less a number is than another using number strips and other models with numbers up to 100.


The same number belongs in both these boxes.

What is that number?


Sophia started at 52 and counted in ones until she reached 59.

How many more than 52 is 59?

Hint: How many jumps will you make on the number line?


Fill in the blank: is 3 more than 20.


What is 1 more than 10?


Fill in the blank: 20 is less than 24.


What is 1 less than 37?


Use the number track to complete the following: 27 is 4 less than .


Using the hundred chart, fill in the blank: 37 is more than 31.


Use the number track to complete the following: 34 is more than 27.


Find the number that is 36 more than 5 using the model shown.

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